Is Pornography A Threat To Freedom And Civilisation?

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YouTube has become a haven for those looking for explicit content, from 1970s films to the most recent releases. While pornographic movies have been on the site for years, they can also be found as recently as two years ago. A recent study found that a single porn flick only appeared on YouTube in August last year and had been viewed more than 450k times. There is no way for Google to verify that YouTube accounts belong to people aged 18 and up, which means children can create fake accounts and post videos underage.

However, despite the controversy, many artists are proud to publish Waitress Porn. One recent video showed a woman in a pink off-shoulder top, smiling in a porn video. The woman’s real face had been grafted onto the pornography actress’ body. The porn video had been viewed more than 30,000 times on Pornhub. Some of the anonymous posters shared their contact details and gave suggestions on how to make the video un-editable.

In a recent study, the United States and the United Kingdom were found to have the highest proportion of porn websites. The UK came third. Both countries were found to host a large number of porn sites. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom ranks fourth in the World Porn League Table. A reporter for Christian Today wrote an article about the rise of the industry. In the same article, Ritzenhoff, K.A., and Hermes argued that “porn is not a threat to civilisation or freedom.”

Rushdie argues that pornography is essential to freedom and civilisation and that pornography is satisfying a need for some people. But the question remains, can pornography be a standard-bearer of freedom and civilisation? The answer depends on the society. Its popularity grew dramatically after commercializing tiny cameras and wireless equipment. In the early 2000s, mobile cameras were used to capture pornographic videos and send them via MMS.

Some have argued that pornography is a necessary part of civilisation and freedom. While it satisfies a general human need, some critics claim it could become a cult icon. This is a question for the future. While it is not a perfect example of a socially-acceptable practice, it does serve a purpose. But if pornography is considered a standard, then it should be protected.

In the United States, approximately 60% of porn websites are based in the United States, while the United Kingdom is the third most popular nation in the World Porn League Table. The question of whether pornography is a symbol of freedom is important, but this debate has to be based on the facts. Currently, the question is whether pornography should be a standard of civilisation. Clearly, the answer to this is “Yes.”

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